Friday, April 2, 2010

The Top Ten Things...I love about Easter.

10. Days off work!  Today Dan went into work at his normal time.  10 minutes later he walks into the room...scares the crap out of me...and one was at church!  I think i have the day off!

9. Warm weather.  This is not a popular one for northeast Ohio.  I have many many memories of snowy easter egg hunts and having to wear winter coats over our new easter clothes...but this year we've got it! 

8. New clothes!  I haven't always gotten new clothes for easter, but I have lots of memories shopping with mom for an easter dress.  Last year, I was pregnant and remember feeling down because I couldn't find anything cute that fit me...but this a new dress...and a new outfit for Micah!

7. Easter egg hunts.  I still am not quite sure what eggs have to do with the resurrection...yeah I get the whole "new life" thing...but it seems silly to me. is a fun tradition.  Growing up, my grandparents always had us over on Saturday night before Easter Sunday to color easter eggs.  And, they always had like 14 dozen or something...seriously.  We always made 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize eggs for the hunt...and it was some serious competition.  I remember one year accidentally stumbling across some of the prizes for the winners...a large container of bubbles!

6.  Easter baskets.  Mom and dad always got us easter baskets.  They always contained candy (sometimes homemade) and some kind of cool thing like earrings or socks...or a bunny.  The part that was the most fun was that they would hide the baskets somewhere in the house and we'd have to find them. 

5.  New blooms.  Again, this isn't always a given in northeast Ohio, but i do enjoy the new grass, flowers, and leaves that are starting to appear.  It is also a good time to see your neighbors again!  Everyone is out doing yardwork and cleaning up from the winter.

4.  Family time.  Easter provides the opportunity for our family to get together again.  I love it.  We don't even have to do anything...but we are together eating a lot of food and just hanging out.  This year it will be our first Easter with Micah...and I'm so excited to start new traditions with him. 

3.  Church services.  I know that Easter is the one day a year that many people go to church...for me it is exciting to feel the buzz of new people in the services.  It is also fun to watch all of the little kids in their uncomfortable outfits.  It is a special day...and I love it. 

2. Jesus.  I mean it's all about him right?  For me, Easter is a time when I get emotional about the cross.  It is a time to remember and to stand in awe of his sacrifice.  Even more, to think about the implications of the empty grave.  Without the resurrection...there is no reason to be a Christian.  I'm thankful for this time to be reminded of it all. 

1.  I ran out of HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY...and Happy Easter. 

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