Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Top Ten Things...I love about my parents

I've been appreciating my parents a whole lot more than ever now that I am a parent.  I know that I am a new parent...but as I think ahead of the things to come in my journey, I want to recongize how wonderful my parents are and how much I love them.  So...the the top ten things I love about my parents:

10.  They sacrificed to make sure that I had all of the opportunites to turn out okay. 
9.  They have a really good work ethic.
8.  They taught me to love God, to glorify Him with my life, and to know how to recognize the Holy Spirit's work in my life.
7.  They babysit my son.
6.  They love God.
5.  They have a lot of experience with a lot of different things and I ask them for advice...a lot.
4.  My mom can cook, bake, or sew anything. 
3.  My dad can fix anything.
2.  They taught me the value of family.
1.  They love me and my family. 

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