Friday, March 25, 2011


Some of my best memories of childhood took place in the kitchen.  Mom was always cooking something...or so it seemed.  I remember hearing hours of Chuck Swindoll, Charles Stanley, Focus on the Family Broadcasts, and Larry Burkett's financial show on our radio that sat on top of our refrigerator.  Very spiritual right?  Well, at night after dinner...we danced.  Yep, my brother would get the wooden spoons to play the "drums" I got the random fork or spoon to use as a microphone, and mom just bounced around on her artificial leg (my mom lost her leg to cancer).  I think my mom may have secretly devised a plan to get us to want to clean the kitchen and do the dishes...but either way, it worked.  I have often thought that these were the times when I learned to sing.  Mom and I would pick out harmonies for this day I can still do it.  Anyway, these days at my house if you happen to stop by around 4pm (cooking dinner), you will find me dancing.  It started with my cat Layla (I would play the Eric Clapton song "Layla" and we would dance to it).  Then it was Micah...any song that had a beat would send us jumping around the kitchen.  At first he would just look at me weird like he was saying "mom, please put me down and let me're crazy").  But today, the music started, I danced...and he walked in with a smile and put his arms up.  My heart just melted...and we danced.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Credit Card Addiction

Why is it that every time you go to the mall and decide to buy something the cashiers insist on selling you a credit card?  I personally think that credit cards are from the pit of hell. is a clear form of bondage that will lure you in, pull you down slowly, and make it feel good all the way down.  Then you wake up one day shackled to a lender for the rest of your life...or at least a long time.  My husband and I have decided to rid ourselves of credit cards.  We made some mistakes early on and got into some debt.  We bought into the lie that  you NEED a credit card in order to build your credit.  By God's grace we were always able to make the our credit didn't suffer...but we did.  Anyway, the subject of credit cards is a sore spot for me.  So when I'm bombarded with pressuring saleswomen at the store that will remain nameless for now about getting a credit card i get a little irritated.  To add to the annoyance, once I said no (for the 3rd time mind you...) I was then treated like I did something wrong.  "How are you going to pay then???" said the nasty lady.  "Um...I don't know with REAL MONEY?!" said Me.  Not cool New York and Company...(oops...did I say that?)

Praying for Patience

I've always heard that you should never pray for patience for fear that God would actually allow you to be in a situation where you would have to be patient.  Recently I have needed an extra dose of patience and that"theory" has entered my mind.  However, I've been thinking...what is the problem if God allows me to do that very thing? Isn't that what I'm asking?  I need to learn how to wait.  Yes, it may be difficult and I may not enjoy it all that much.  I'm trusting that on the other side I will have been stretched and I won't be so afraid to ask next time...