Monday, April 23, 2012

So excited that my stomach hurts!

Thirty-three people were present at a class on Human Trafficking yesterday at our church.  I was begging God for at least TEN so that our speaker would feel encouraged.  WOW!!!  I am so excited that my stomach hurts!  I started my journey in the abolitionist movement (yes, HT is modern day slavery) last summer and have attempted to do a number of things that fell flat on the ground and just...well...failed!  I realized last night that perhaps all of those "failures" were God's way of saying..."just trust me, I know what I'm doing and it will happen in my time."  I've been getting calls all weekend asking for more information.  So many people want to do something about the problem of HT in our cities.  So, stay tuned.  Our next project is Serve Elyria which will include a project directed toward ending HT in our area.

If you're interested, check "other" and list "SOAP" in the box on the sign up sheet.  If you want to stay updated about what we're doing, reply to this post and I'll add you to my contact list.

What do you know about human trafficking?