Friday, April 16, 2010

The Top Ten Things...I treasure about my childhood

A lot of things come to mind as I'm re-entering the world of toys and cartoons with my son.  It brings back a lot of memories of my childhood.  So...the Top Ten Things...I treasure about my childhood:

10.  My BARBIE HOUSE!  There was a lady and her husband who worked at Jamie's Flea Market who made barbie houses, clothes, and furniture.  My parent's bought me a fully furnished house for Christmas one year.  Let me just say that I dont' think i have a single memory of playing that doesn't involve that house. is currently in my basement...and I think I might paint it. 

9.  My play house.  Remember when I said that my dad can fix anything?  Well, he can build anything too.  He built a play house for me and my brother.  The purpose was for us to share it...but I think I ended up being in it more.  It held my barbie house in the summer months, and it was the location for many sleepovers. 

8.  Our swimming pool.  My uncle gave us a yucky old swimming pool that came with his house.  It was one of the smaller versions.  I spent every warm day in the pool during the summer.  I would wake up, put on my bathing suit, and wear it all day only taking breaks pretty much to eat. 

7.  My neighbors.  We were so blessed to have good neighbors growing up.  You know who you are...My life would lack so much joy if it weren't for them.  I also don't think I have a single memory that doesn't involve my friends.  We played games like "guns" a fancy name for cops and robbers, basketball, hockey, 4-square, BARBIES, we swam a lot, and I remember having long talks about spiritual matters on our back deck. 

6.  Patches.  That was our dog.  We got her when I was pretty little.  I guess she was technically my brother's dog, but we all loved her.  We didn't really know much about having a dog.  She was just happy all of the time and got herself into a lot of interesting adventures.  Running away and showing up on Mothers Day pregnant and all banged up, chasing a cat into the road, pulling me on roller skates (not such a good idea), playing in the leaves and snow. 

5.  The ice cream truck.  Yes, a truck that delivers ice cream.  What could be better than that?  We didn't always get the privelege of buying the expensive treats...but every now and then we could.  i have a specific memory of chasing the truck for blocks for a $.25 twin pop.  The guy gave us a free one for our effort.  That was a great day.

4.  Saturday morning cartoons.  The only shows I remember watching were punky brewster (the cartoon), alvin and the chipmunks, looney tunes, chip N dale rescue rangers, darkwing duck, and winnie the pooh.  Those were good mornings.

3.  Bible club.  My parents led an amazing children's program at our little church.  It was so much fun and in the end, if you did all of your required work, you would win a free trip to Cedar Point.  I know it was a lot of work for them, but i know a TON of scripture because of that program.  And...a lot of good memories. 

2.  Sunday nights at grandmas.  After a busy Sunday, we would go to my grandparent's house for dinner and to watch america's funniest home videos.  That was always a great time.  I had a really hard time when I went to college and knew that they were getting together and i couldn't be there. 

1.  Family dinner time.  This is one of the most important things a family can do.  My mom worked really hard to have an amazing dinner that accomodated my dad's work schedule.  Sometimes it didn't work out like when he worked nights...but sometimes we ate dinner at 3pm so that we could do it as a family.  There is something about a mealtime with open discussion that really helps a kid feel safe. 

until next time...

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