Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are we marketing to the damaged?

The other day, I was in the shower...where I do my best thinking.  I was very excited to try my new shampoo/conditioner set that I recently purchased because I love having pretty smelling hair and because my recently highlighted hair has become quite damaged and I needed a remedy.  I had a thought...I've always had pretty healthy hair.  So healthy, and oily, that I could never find the right shampoo/conditioner to maintain the health.  Everything always either dried it out or made it more oily.  It was seriously frustrating.  My thought was...why does the hair care industry only market to the damaged?  They have so many fun products to use once you've highlighted/colored/permed and otherwise damaged your hair.  But, when your hair is healthy they leave you high and dry (or oily).  It got me thinking to other areas of our culture that perhaps do the same thing.  Any thoughts?  What about the church?  Do you ever feel encouraged to stay damaged in order to have a place in your circle for fear that health will actually ostracize you?  Just wondering...


  1. I feel this way when I blog. I read all of these blogs that have these heartbreaking stories and lives and I think out of utter ridiculousness "is that what it takes to have a great blog? A damaged life?" It's just like the news, happiness doesn't sell. (not that I'm trying to sell anything)

  2. I feel our culture scorns real health. The healthy are treated like "lucky" celebrities who got health by accident. No one wants to take responsibility for their own health.