Friday, February 11, 2011

Sanctity of Life

My mind has been full of thoughts about the sanctity of life issue these past few weeks.  This is probably because I’m about 1-2 weeks behind on listening to my podcasts and that was the topic during sanctity of life week.  Interesting too since I’m overdue on delivering my second baby…so these things are a little more real to me.  I wanted to just write about my experience  after a bit of a traumatic experience last night.  It all started with listening to the grounded podcast with host Ryan Dobson. I like him.  He’s actually a lot like my husband with his views on theology, apologetics, and “stick it to the man” philosophy.  He always mentions hot topics in the news  that affect Christians and I usually agree with his position.   On Wednesdays he covers topics pertaining to issues of worldview (Worldview Wednesdays).  This particular day he brought up the recent video of the Planned Parenthood worker talking to the undercover LiveAction workers about their “services”.  He also mentioned Dr. Kermit Gosnell from Philadelphia who was, among many other things, killing live babies with scissors.  Ryan didn’t go into a lot of detail, but brought a speaker to the show named Scott Klusendorf from Life Training Institute (  He is also the author of “The Case for Life”.  He travels and speaks on the topic of life.   I’d heard of him before and appreciated the way that he dealt with the topic from an educated perspective.  During this same time, someone close to me lost their first baby.  And, as always there are many babies being born.  Needless to say, I’ve been thinking a lot about life and babies…and ya da ya da ya.   I was trying to explain some of this to my husband last night and was getting some of the facts wrong so I decided to look it all up.  After 2 hours or so of internet research I came across some news articles about Dr. Gosnell.  I read the reports and was directed to the grand jury report.  I downloaded it and started reading about all of the horrible atrocities that had taken place under his care.  Then…there were the pictures.  I quickly shut the computer and said “oh my gosh, there’s pictures…”  I didn’t have the strength to deal with that…especially being so close to delivering my own child.  My eyes filled with tears and I just stared at the blank computer…overwhelmed and traumatized at what I had just read and saw.  I quickly switched over to a game of spider solitaire to distract myself.  Later, I decided that I really didn’t know the specific laws pertaining to abortion in our state and decided to do a bit more research.  I ended at the Life Training Institute blog in which I found this:  (read the full blog post here)

Abortion is not wrong because many men and women regret their abortion later. Abortion is wrong because it unjustifiably takes the life of a human being. 

Abortion is not wrong because one of the babies killed may have eventually cured cancer or written the next great Broadway musical. Abortion is wrong because it unjustifiably takes the life of a human being. 

Abortion is not wrong because it may have a negative effect on our economy or may have helped cripple the Social Security program. Abortion is wrong because it unjustifiably takes the life of a human being. 

Abortion is not wrong because the nation’s leading abortion provider Planned Parenthood does many other icky things, including promoting promiscuity in teens, promoting violence against pro-lifers and selling fetal body parts. Abortion is wrong because it unjustifiably takes the life of a human being. 

Abortion is not wrong if some of the people working for Planned Parenthood help to cover up statutory rape or alleged sex trafficking, or if they lie about the facts of fetal development. Abortion is wrong because it unjustifiably takes the life of a human being. 

And abortion is not even wrong because some of the people who perform abortions commit horrific acts only paralleled by the scariest of horror movies.

Abortion is wrong because it unjustifiably takes the life of a human being.
I’ve always known this…but it helped me to narrow down my thoughts and feelings.  I’ve always had trouble communicating my view of abortion because of it being such an emotional topic.  Sin is still sin, and God is still God.  I had to wonder what God thinks of us and our decision to allow this horrible sin of abortion in our country.  I also had to wonder how many babies are up there with him…It brought me some comfort though to know that they ultimately reside with him and only had to suffer for a short time in this evil world.  


  1. This is an awesome post! So clear. Very poignant. We so often try to justify why abortion is wrong, but it does just come right down to the fact that it is cruel and evil.

  2. I knew nothing about the Kermit Gosnell case, so I looked it up and I believe came across the pictures that you speak of. That is just horrible. Why isn't this in the news? I am not saying that aborting a child during the first couple weeks after conception isn't wrong, but there is something that is humanly more evil in this case because the aborted children were beyond a doubt living human beings. I can't see how even the most adamant pro-choice advocate could be okay with this.

    I consider myself pro-life, but I also consider myself pro-choice. People are often confused by this and ask me what I mean. The choice to have a child is always made, whether that be in the form of an abortion or in the form of having sex knowing that a baby could be a result. Therefore, I am pro-choice. It just happens to be that I feel the choice is made before conception. Whether this be a conscious "I want a baby" decision, or a wrapped up in the moment "Oh crap, what just happened" decision, it is a decision none-the-less.

  3. The above comment was from Heath.