Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring cleaning

Guess what?  I finished the book! (So Long Insecurity).  I'm not a very avid I'm kinda proud of myself.  It was a long book too!  Anyway, I may be leading a short-term small group to follow up from the simulcast.  So, let me know if you're interested.  Beth really hit on every area that i could imagine someone being insecure about.  And trust me...if you think you don't struggle with the book...I can almost guarantee that you do...just like me.  

So, I haven't been blogging for the past few weeks...I honestly couldn't put all of my thoughts into this little box...they were everywhere.  The truth is that God has been doing a pretty big transformation in my life (Spring cleaning...if you will) in a few being insecurity.   The others, I  won't get too detailed.  But, I think I can sum it all up with this realization:  It is only by God's power that the strongholds can be released from my life.  What?  You learned that in Sunday school as a kid?  Well, so did I.  But for the first time it resonated with me.  I think it is because having children and being married...though they are my favorite things about life...also bring out the worst in us.  My husband and son know me...better than anyone else.  I didn't really know that I had strongholds until my beautiful boys came into my life.  Anyway, God knocked me off of my chair in church a few weeks ago...and I knew that he was calling me to spend some purposeful time with him on a few things.  Let me say it is only by the POWER of God that we can be healed from strongholds in our lives.  I know it...I've lived it and I feel like a new gal.  Here's a song that I heard yesterday that made me bawl like a baby:

If you want to feel all alone
Walk away
Try to find a home for your own
Walk away
And I'm not keeping score
But I've seen it so many times before
Put your bags down this time around

Stay with me
I have all you need
You've tried everything, yes everything
Now just stay
All your searching for
Can be found an so much more
No more running away

If you need healing aside,
I'm the way
To know your have purpose in life,
I'm the way
You can rest assured,
You will find all you've been looking for
Sit yourself down so I can be found

I know you feel
That what you find here
Is less than the world has to give
But when did the world ever lay it's life down
So that you might live

Stay with me,
Dont you ever leave,
You've tried everything
Now just stay

No More Running away (Stay)
No More Running away (Stay)
No More Running away

Until next time...

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