Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Let's talk about church baby...

Let's talk about church.  THE church...not A church.  There's a difference...did you know?  This past year, Dan and I have been in a lot of churches, staff meetings, interviews, and just meeting a lot of ministry leaders.  I have been impressed by the presence of a kingdom mindset.  The Kingdom of God...all of those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ and surrendered control of their lives to Him.  We may express ourselves in different venues...some wear suits, some wear cut offs.  Some have sleeve tattoos...some like solitude, some prefer hymns on an organ, some like the loud crazy dance around music.  Some like grape juice, and some like WINE.  Some hide underground and drink in the words of the Bible like their lives depend on it...some are tortured and imprisoned for their faith.  Some fight over the color of the carpet...(hopefully they repent).  All in all, we are all a part of the Kingdom of God.  There can never be too many venues.  Shoot...let's have a venue in every house right?

I've learned so much.  My comfort zone has been a small speck in the rearview mirror of my life.  And, it is good!  We're planting a church.  A different kind of expression of the Kingdom of God.  We believe in real life church...meeting people's needs...keeping it simple.  It's not THE right's a specific expression of the Kingdom of God.  Sometimes there are kids running around like crazy...sometimes two of us are crying in a coffeehouse together.  Sometimes there are hard conversations...sometimes there just isn't enough money.  God has called us to a life of unknown...but it is is is good.  It is an adventure.  Our church has already begun...come pray with us.  Come and get to know Jesus.  Come and learn to build relationships for God's glory.

Until the next time :-), C

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