Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quick update

Some people think facebook is dumb...a waste of time...a place where people share too much information.  I think all of those people are poo heads.  I get a ton of encouragement and prayer support from sharing things on facebook.  And trust me...I don't share the half of it...there is plenty that I keep to myself and my close support circle.  All of that to say...thank you, readers for praying and texting me with your encouragement.  It means the world to me...for real.

Our appointment today was anticlimactic.  The doc isn't sure whether or not the braces will help Micah.  And I don't feel like he really got a chance to see and understand Micah.  So I said "please give them to us anyway...please...and thank you."  Micah got to choose the print...they will have school buses and traffic lights on them.  Don't buses are cool.  And the fact that he offered his feelings on the matter is even cooler.  I would've let him pick purple unicorns and bunnies if he wanted them just because I love hearing him talk.  (Ok...perhaps that is going too far...but you get the picture).  Micah did pretty well at the appointment.  Key factor is LET HIM HAVE THE iPAD.  Quit overthinking things and just spoil him a little.  Who cares...

I feel like I learn something new everyday.  Thanks friends.  Hey...did you know that we like hanging out with friends?  Let's get together soon!  We are craving community, so come on over.

Until the next time :-), C

PS. Here's a picture of a school bus to remind you of how cool they are.

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