Friday, September 27, 2013

It all comes back to Him

Until we understand our feelings, our ability to be wrong, and our propensity to hurt others, we will never fully understand the power, unconditional love, forgiveness and true nature of our God.  We are human, we are fallible, we are sinners.  So why do we live life as if we are good?  Why are we prideful?  Why do we refuse to resolve conflict quickly, admit to our mistakes, and hold grudges?  Do we gain anything by refusing to do so?  We are left with a sense of pride and accomplishment…but something eats away…way down in the pit of our stomachs…things get more complicated.  

I know…I've been there…on both sides.  As a counselor, I not only worked with those who have mental illness (which can stem from unforgiveness, unresolved conflict etc.) but I also spent a LONG time studying the mind…behavior…people…myself…God.  I am no expert for sure.  I've studied long and hard…read the books…wrote the papers…gone to my own counselor...listened to people's stories…looked into their eyes…watched their body language…nursed their hurts…cried with them…and you know what I learned?  That there is a whole lot more that I have to learn.  That's it…that's all college taught me…the extent of what I DON'T know.  It made me teachable…it humbled me.  It gave me an awareness of how incredibly BIG God is.  It showed me how much I need him.  And when I experience pain…and feel lonelier than I've ever felt in my life I'm reminded of that BIG and powerful God who is all-knowing and loves me unconditionally.

What's the takeaway?  Stop wasting life…dig deep!  Confront sin…deal with it…seek to understand yourself…others…God.  Make amends…set boundaries.  Guess what?  God gave us those feelings for a reason!  They are not bad or sinful.  Our behavior is what can be sinful…our thoughts…our actions.  I think everyone needs a good counselor.  (Not just because I need job security).  Because everyone benefits when we sit down and process through what is going on in our incredibly messy heads…when we invite God into that process to reveal what he's doing…or perhaps just to receive his comfort.  We can be heard…we can be acknowledged for whatever it is that we feel…good or bad.  God won't be surprised…he will be honored because we are pursuing him in the process.  It all comes back to him…It all comes back to him.  

What have you been taught about feelings?  What are some ways that you deal with them?  What keeps you from seeing a counselor?

Until the next time :-), C

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