Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stupid Sandy-10/30/12

I'm not super sentimental...some moms cry over leaving their kids in the nursery, some cry over each milestone, some just plain freak out about everything!  Don't get me wrong, I love each stage of development and I often notice how fast my babies are growing up.  I just don't get very sad about it.  I do have my crazy traits though...I'm that mom who can't stand for a picture of her child to be "out there" without having a copy of it.  I'm that mom who takes a kid to a photo shoot and pays the hundred some odd dollars for the cd of all the pictures.  I can't stand for a picture to be lost/ruined/given away.  This is why I love digital pictures.  Well, today STUPID SANDY decided to come into my house (literally) and damage all of my precious keepsakes...including my pictures.  As I'm peeling through all of my pictures and scrapbook supplies I couldn't help but dream about a time machine that I could step into...go back in time, and store all of my pictures on Daniel's side of the bed...(he could just sleep on the floor or something :)  I threw my children in the garbage...or at least that is what it felt like. After a while I got angry enough to stick it to Sandy and pulled all of my pictures out of the trash...and this is what I've been doing all night:

You see, I'd rather have damaged pictures than throw my memories in the trash.  Yes, I have digital backups...but its just my weird thing...don't judge me :).  And yes, all of my precious things were in plastic bins with tight fitting lids...but Sandy still got to them.  

Another surprise that I received was a large waterproof bin containing my small doll collection...full of water.  Apparently it has been filled with water before when our basement needless to say they are ruined.  I'm still not giving up on them though...I'm working on cleaning them up...and again if they look crappy at least i have my memories.  

My life has just been crappy lately...lots of things have been happening.  After each blow, I ask God...why is this happening?  I know that God is good.  I know that He is here.  I know that he is in control.  I know all of his promises and I truly believe Him.  I don't really get any answers other than to trust.  I keep getting this image of later.  I know that God is preparing my little family for something big.  And I feel like God may be stripping us of everything that we think we need to hold onto.  I think He also forced me to look at my life (in pictures) to remind me of all that we have.  I've had such a good life and I continue to be so blessed.  

Look at me...the pessimist is finding a glass half full.............

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