Wednesday, May 9, 2012

4 ways that you can end slavery

Want to end slavery?  Here's how:

1. Educate yourself-take a class, attend an upcoming Abolition U, read books like Everyday Justice, Half the Sky, A Crime So Monstrous, The Slave Across the Street, Amazing Grace, Not For Sale.

2. Donate!  Find an organization that is doing something that moves you.  Here's a few that I've been moved by:  As Our Own (this Christian group adopts children directly out of the brothels of India and raises their own children...they pay for college, weddings, and the kids return for holidays...amazing picture of adoption).  Doma International (this Christian group journeys with survivors of sex trafficking in COLUMBUS OHIO).  I got to see this in person...amazing.

3. Refuse to participate. Yes, it is easy to participate in sex trafficking.  Stop looking at pornography, stop laughing at the pimp culture, respect women and children, change the way you view prostitution, buy as much as you can from fair trade organizations that refuse to pay anything less than what workers deserve and/or donate proceeds to anti trafficking efforts: Jewelry/Clothing:  Stop Traffick Fashio n, Makeup/Skincare:  Radiant Cosmetics, Coffee:  Just Love Coffee, Cards:  Sanctuary Spring.  A great resource to learn more is the book Everyday Justice by Julie Clawson.

4.Talk about it to everyone you know-Don't be annoying...but we have been unaware for too long!  What one generation ignores, the next embraces.  One way to rid of sex trafficking is to create a culture of awareness and intolerance of slavery.  It's happening in our comfortable suburbs...Don't be afraid...FIGHT!

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