Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For those interested in anti-human trafficking...prayers appreciated

This week I have received some kind of miraculous motivation to get moving on the Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative at our church.  I've been chatting with some amazing people and learning so many things.  God is moving and I am on FIRE!  With that said, tomorrow my husband and I are attending a very important meeting with two people that are involved in hands on work with victims of HT.  They want to help us in our efforts and are graciously allowing us to be a part of their work for the day. I am so excited that I want to pee myself.  (I won't...I promise).  Will you pray?  Pray that God goes before us and shows us exactly the steps that we should take next.  Pray that we have clarity and unity.  Pray against the enemies plans to thwart our efforts as he is already scheming to create confusion, fear, and complacency.  

I can't wait to report back to you.  


  1. I will definately be praying! And waiting for an update.

  2. Absolutely praying . . .