Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Adventure Continues

Do you know that Human Trafficking is occurring in our own city?  On Saturday, a group from our church met with a lady who is a first responder to victims of Human Sex and LaborTrafficking/Sexual Assault in our county. This person was personally involved in the rescue of a people in Elyria, Avon, and Lorain...among others.  Do you know that traffickers made use of a hotel in Elyria?  Do you know that a person was a victim of labor trafficking at a restaurant near the mall?  The purpose of the meeting was to learn about what is being done in our area to combat HT and where our church can help to fill in the gaps.  The overwhelming response I keep getting from these meetings is "YES, we need and welcome your help!"  I'm continuing to do research on the topic.  I'm continuing to pray about what specifically God is asking me to do.  Right now, I am harboring some radical ideas.  I'm not ready to share them...because I have a tendency to think (and sometimes act) impulsively.  Will you join me in prayer?  My requests are that God will give me clear direction as to the steps that I need to take.  Another request is that he will prepare a team that will work with me.  (Is that you?)

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