Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trusting the Process

Insane...that's what yesterday was.  Absolutely insane!  I've been blabbing on the internet about how difficult the last year or so has been for me as I've transitioned into this new "mother of 2" role...and well, I finally got off my sorry butt and did something :-)  Now, I have no time to be bored and depressed :-)

I've been talking about human trafficking for the past month or so...and have been researching and communicating with a number of different people and organizations in the area with the goal of getting something started here in the Northeast Ohio area.  Yesterday, I met with a gal from an organization called doma who graciously gave her time to talk with me and a friend about where to start.  In that conversation, God flipped my world upside down.  It's that scary, excited feeling again...It's so easy...yet so complicated.  My head is spinning with ideas...some of the random ones are going to law school or getting a drug/alcohol counselor license.  I could so very easily get overwhelmed, but I can feel God's hand almost literally holding me up...not allowing me to run too fast...and not allowing me to step back either.  It's like he's saying, "Trust me, I've got the plan.  I will reveal a piece at a time as you are ready.  You just keep stepping slowly."  That's just insane.

There are a lot of fads within the church.  Someone recently told me that the issue of human trafficking is the new "sexy" thing for the church.  I know that it is possible to get really excited about something and then just stop because its too much...that's why I'm stepping slowly.  My life up to this point has been easy...with some bumps here and there...but easy and somewhat predictable.  I've accomplished a lot of good things and in some ways I feel like my story is good...but it would never make the best seller's list.  Not even for a week.  Perhaps God is authoring a new story in which I may be one of the main characters.  Donald Miller says that in order to have a good story, one must identify what they want and overcome conflict to get it.  Am I willing to take the risk in order to have a good story?  Am I willing to live my life in such a way that I become a key player in good stories?  God, help me...

Do you have any good stories?  Are you bothered by the issue of human sex trafficking?


  1. Your title intrigued me. One of our youth leaders in our diocese growing up used to say "Trust the process" all the time. :)

    Sex trafficking is an issue I had never even heard about until my Francophone cultures class in college, when I did an entire research project on it. Then about five years later I actually met a lady here in Ohio that was rescued by missionaries while her identity was being taken from her. After all I've learned I still can't wrap my head around it. Why does it happen and who could possibly believe they have a right to take control of another person's life that way? It's a very bothersome issue!

  2. Its like reading a really good suspense book, waiting to see what is going to happen next! What in tarnation is God doing with us? And what adventures are we going to go on?? The gift of being his hands and feet, in small ways or big, is unfathomable and humbling.

  3. Sarrah and I are both highly bothered by human sex trafficking. A couple months ago we signed up with Destiny to help fund the organization in saving children from bondage and then educating them with crucial knowledge to become self-sufficient.
    There are many ways to help, but when it comes to people's money they tend to shy away. The way we look at money is that it's all God's anyways. We are simply the trustworthy stewards of those resources.
    You have a big heart Christy and I'm glad to see that you have chosen to take action against this evil. I am truly inspired.