Friday, August 5, 2011

My life...

I know I say this every time...but WOW it's been a while since I've written anything here...I guess I kinda have my hands full.  Both kids are napping and I thought I'd sneak in quick blog post.  Today I was watching home videos of Micah (my almost 2 year old son) from when he was a baby.  My heart just broke a little as I realized how fast time has gone.  It also made me realize how my life has changed...and how challenging the last 2 years have been.  I can say with confidence that I am quite different than I used to be. Wow, do I love my kids.  Wow, do kids stretch you.  My temper isn't as short, I have a bit more patience.  I could be a breastfeeding expert given all of the trouble I've had with it.  I know how to make baby food.  Poop and vomit don't scare me.  I can function without sleep.  I'm content with my post-baby body.  I am no longer terrified of contractions...and I've pretty much had a natural birth.  I want to go to bed at 9 every night...and those kids who want to stay up until 11...well they are just too wild for me (wink, wink).  I'm a real grown up.  I used to feel guilty about staying in the house on a beautiful day...or staying in one room for the entire day doing nothing.  Now, that is my norm.  And I'm getting quite the workout.  There were times that I thought that I would never make it until my kids are 18...and I'm sure those feelings will return at times.  But, for the first time...I really feel like I can do it.  I'm usually quite the pessimist...but today I'm finding all kinds of positive things to say about my babies.

Micah, I love the way you speak in paragraphs...and no one has any idea what you are saying.  I love to hear you laugh.  I love it when you hug me...and pat me on the back with your little hand.  I love to see you dance.  I love it when my kisses make your boo boo's feel better.  You are my baby boy...and my stomach hurts when I think of how much I really love you.

Hannah, you are my sweet girl.  I couldn't imagine sharing my love with another baby...but you showed that I didn't have to.  I got to create new love for you.  You are so much different and much the same as your brother.  I love to hear you "talk".  I love how passionate and strong you already are (mommy's girl).  Your smile could make anyone have a better day.  I love to watch you watch your brother.  You already love him and I can sense the bond that the two of you will have as you grow up.  I love nursing you and having that time with just the two of us. I kinda wish you'd let me sleep more...but since I have to be up...I'm glad that its because I get to be with you.

Thanks, God for the gift of being a crazy mom to the most beautiful gifts in the world.

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  1. Aww that was sweet...and what cuties you have!