Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughts for Today

I started reading "So Long Insecurity" by Beth Moore yesterday. So far it's good. Her simulcast is coming up on April 24 at our church so I'm trying to get pumped up and informed! While I'm reading it, I'm thinking of so many other women that I want to take with me. It is heart-breaking to me that we deal with insecurity the way that we do. She made an interesting point...that when we are insecure, we also lack faith. We doubt not only ourselves, but we doubt God about ourselves. If God has chosen me to be his child...why am I doubting the gifts he has given to me? I've dealt with insecurity in various ways during my life and am hoping that this book will guide me as I dig deeper for answers.

I've also been thinking about the whole concept of temptation. Our pastor preached a two-part series on this topic and man...he nailed it. The first week I was taking it all in with my "therapist brain" which means that I was thinking of how the information could help so many people. The next truly hit home. Probably because he used specific examples...and because apparently God had something to tell me. Oh the ways in which God works...Sometimes it isn't so easy to flee. So...that is another thing that I'll be working on.

On a lighter note...have I mentioned how BLESSED I am? I had a wonderful day yesterday with my mom and my son. We had good conversation, the weather was beautiful, and my baby boy was pretty much an angel. Then, my husband made dinner for me and we had a great night together. Now if that doesn't help with the whole security thing...I don't know what will...

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