Friday, June 19, 2015

Eleven Years

Eleven years ago today, I married Dan Samms.  

Eleven isn’t a very interesting number.  You can’t find an 11th anniversary card in the store, and well its just kind of a boring number.  

Marriage is fun, exciting and adventurous.  At times it can be boring and mundane.  Among other things, true love happens when you can’t imagine spending your boring and mundane with anyone else.  

Dan Samms is an amazing man.  And let me tell you, my life did a complete turn around when I married him.  I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into my thoughts for my husband.

Here’s 11 boring and mundane reasons why I love Dan Samms.

  1. He cleans my stove.  You know those gas stoves with all of those nooks and crannies for grease to get into?  I HATE cleaning my stove.  He knows this…and every now and then I come home to a sparkling stovetop :).
  2. He brings me coffee every morning.  He knows that I have that half awake-barely coherent side in the mornings and coffee makes me much more tolerable.  
  3. He teaches me theology.  I don’t understand the Bible sometimes.  Or I struggle to explain things.  He is always patient with me and is a really good teacher.  
  4. He loves everything that I cook…or he just knows better than to tell me otherwise :).
  5. He never complains…it’s true.  He’s pretty optimistic.  Drives me crazy.
  6. He won't fight.  Our first fight was because he wouldn’t fight with me.  
  7. He’s a man.  He stands up for women and respects them.  He dresses like a man.  He is confident, but humble.  
  8. He knows me, he gets me, and he likes me just the way I am.  In a world and ministry where everyone wants you to change…this is refreshing. 
  9. He is unique.  You won’t find a man like him.  He gets an idea in his head and he completes it.  He wants chickens, so he built a chicken coop…he wanted to learn how to be a blacksmith…so he did.   
  10. He’s HOT.  I get butterflies…he melts my butter…okay so that’s all the G rated stuff that I can think to say on that one.  Let’s just say that I will never be tempted to look for another man…because he is all that I could ever want.  
  11. He picked me :)

I love you Dan Samms!  Happy 11 years

Until the next time :-), C

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