Friday, February 24, 2012


This journey into the world of anti-human trafficking sure has been bumpy!  I've been praying specifically to see God work and guide my steps.  All along I've had that excited/nervous feeling...and have been searching for peace.  This week we decided to postpone our Night of Hope event in April.  Things just weren't quite coming together the way I'd hoped.  And, this is such an important issue that it needs to be done right.  While I'm terribly disappointed in that...God continues to open doors...and all in all I have peace.  So, God isn't finished yet...He's still flipping my world upside down.  I'm not quite sure what all of it will look like.  For now, check out some news in the abolitionist world:

Men Against The Trafficking Of Others (MATOO)

Find out what sex trafficking REALLY looks like...Tonight at 9pm

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