Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Adventures

So along with my “mommy” issues, I’ve also felt a change in my Spiritual life as well.  I’m thinking that since I’m not as free to participate in Bible studies and church events (which my extroverted personality prefers)…my Spiritual life has been shoved into a more introverted style…and I’ve struggled with this tremendously.  So, I’ve been asking God for some direction and grace as I seek to know Him more through this transition.  I had a little “baby-free” time today and drove by the Christian bookstore praying that God would direct me to something that would help me right now or something that He would want me to learn.  I wandered over to the women’s interest section and ran across a number of books that seemed nice…but this one caught my eye:  “What Happened to my Life?” by Danna Demetre.  I’ve never heard of her or the book.  But how much more perfect could that title be?!  I skimmed the table of contents and the “Is this book for you?” section…and knew that this was the book for me.  So, I’m going to dive in and see what God might have in store for me…I also picked up a worship CD, WOW Worship 2010…Stay tuned for the reviews!


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