Monday, July 19, 2010

The Top Six Things...I learned while on a delayed flight to Ohio

I had a little delay sitting on the runway for about an hour and decided to do some observation of people...Here are some things that popped into my head.

6.  Please ask before you put your seat back.  You could hurt, scare, or otherwise traumatize the victim behind you...

5.  Please wear deodorant.  If you choose not forfeit your rights to lift your arms.

4.  Please refrain from staring me down or looking at me inappropriately while I'm standing in the aisle waiting to get to my seat.  There is no where for me to hide, and you're creeping me out!

3.  LLLLIIIISSSSTTTTEEEEENNN!  (That's LISTEN!).  I will not repeat everything that the flight attendant just said about the connecting flights.

2.  Don't forget the ipod.  Every time I listen to my music, I think 'why don't I do this more?'

1.  A break from the daily routine makes you remember how much you love it.  I got to think again!  I started dreaming about kitchen gadgets and ways to decorate my house and food I wanted to cook.  It also reminded me how much I miss the little things...slobbery kisses from Micah, and holding hands with my husband Daniel.

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